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about bello treats

Our authentic Brazilian gourmet bite of pleasures make for the perfect gift to all occasions; birthdays, weddings, showers, office events or just because!

amanda bio picHi, my name is Amanda! I’m the founder of Bello Treats. I’m a Brazilian native, a “Brigadeiro” lover; wife and a mom of two boys who are obsessed with the “brigs” or brigadeiro.

Bello Treats Brigadeiro (bree-gah-day-ro) are authentic, natural and gluten-free. Brigadeiro is a very traditional treat in Brazil. In fact, you find them in most parties (birthdays, weddings, showers, corporate events), as well as, bakeries, and grocery stores. It’s a national passion!

These little delicious Fudge Chocolate and Coconut Treats consist of a smooth and rich texture made from Sweet Condensed Milk, Chocolate, or Coconut and Butter. The different toppings add the final touch and taste to want more. I hope you loved them as much as Bello Treats! 


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